Letáky - The Great Controversy (100 ks)

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    Družstvo Ekon
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    21 g
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    15 x 21 x 0.55cm
THE GREAT CONTROVERSY is one of the most published and the most wide-spread books on the planet. Its engaging narrative
guides you through real European history since the beginning of the Common Era. The book introduces a fresh and unconventional
point of view on the progress of many historical moments that have radically influenced the processes of shaping the rights and freedoms in our world.

THE GREAT CONTROVERSY is the true world’s best-selling book. In thinking of the direction our world has been heading, this book will give you many specific answers that can be useful when trying to understand the past or to handle the future.

THE GREAT CONTROVERSY is an excellent guide for orientation in the world’s current affairs. It’s becoming increasingly apparent
that ordinary people and their countries are being penetrated by some form of evil. Based on many real facts and with disarming honesty, this book will show you why this is happening.

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